Dear Customer,

Thank you for using the environmental-friendly paper from Lenzing.

We hope you like the product.
We tried to give you some impressions of the area around Lenzing by printing pictures on the pallet labels.

In order to experience the beauty of the Salzkammergut on your own, we raffle a week in a four star hotel. Take a bath in crystal clear lakes, hike surrounding mountains, visit historic places and - if you wish - have a tour through the paper mill. We are looking forward to seeing you!

How to?

Collect at least 3 pallet labels and send them to:

Lenzing Papier GmbH
Code: raffle
Werkstrasse 2
4860 Lenzing

Please let us know:
What did you use the paper for?
On which machine was the paper printed/processed?
How pleased are you using the paper?

Good luck!

The team of Lenzing Papier